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April 15, 2013
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(b/n) - boy name
(f/c) - favorite color
(l/e/c) - left eye color
(r/e/c) - right eye color
Idk why I keep putting this here y'all maybe already know what it is xD


A young girl walked up the stairs to the D.W.M.A with her wepon (b/n). She has (h/l) (h/c) hair with (f/c) highlights there was thing off about her though she has two different eye colors. Her left eye is (l/e/c) and her right eye is (r/e/c) they were beautiful and unique. They were finally at the top of the stairs and out of nowhere she heard someone yell.

"YAHOO!!!" You looked up and say someone with blue hair jump off the side of the building and was about to hit you. You stepped back a little and the blue hair boy land on his feet in front of you.

You tilted your head and looked at the blue haired boy "Hello there..." 

He smiled at you brightly "Hello I'm the great assiasin Black*Star!!!" Another boy with white hair walked over to you "He does that a'll get use to it really, anyway I'm Soul."

You smiled at them "It's nice to meet you both I'm (y/n) and this is my weap-" you looked over to see no one stan find beside you. You sighed slight "That's a new record for him..."

You heard a cute giggle beside you. You then looked over to see a cute blond girl with blue eyes "Hi there I'm Patty!" There was another girl standing next to her she didn't look happy at all "I'm Liz."

You laughed slightly and turned to you other side where you were meet with gold eyes. You blushed and looked at the boy 
he then smiled at you "Hello I'm Kid."

Kid look at your eyes and his widened "Y-your eyes there not symmetrical!!!!"

You tilted your head again "Huh?"

Liz sighed loudly and looked at you "Sorry about him he has a thing for everything has to be symmetrical.... sorry if he defends you or something I have never seen him complain about the eyes not being symmetrical so this is a first and he doesn't have a nosebleed another first." You laughed a little and started to walk off to find (b/n) "I don't care if he hates my was nice meeting you all but I got to find my weapon hope to see you guys again!" You waved your hand at them as you walked into the building.


2 hours later....

You walked out of Professor Stein and accidentally walked into someone as you left. "Oops, sorry I didn't see you there."

You looked up at the person to see it was Kid. He looked at you and sighed "Oh its you again..." You rolled your eyes and started to walk away from him but you then notice that he was fallowing you.

You stopped and turned around to look at him "Do you need something or are u just going to stalk me?"

Kid then narrowed his eyes at you "I'm not fallowing you I have to go this way as well and why would I fallow someone as unsymmetrical as you..."

"You are really rude you know that..." you turned back around and started to walk away again with him fallowing behind you. He looked at you as you walked in front of him "Just to ask what is your favorite number?"

You sighed slightly "Well that's an odd question to ask someone isn't is..." you looked over your shoulder at him "But just to make you's 8." Kid's eyes widened and he stopped walking "Did you say 8?"

You stopped also and turned around to look at him again "Yeah, so what if its weird that I like that number its just has been lucky for me so it has been my favorite number for as long as I can remamber..."

Kid was just staring at you and blushing a little "O-oh OK."

You turned on the hill of your shoe and walked off "I got to go now so I'll see you later."

Kid didn't move from the spot he stopped at and just watched you walk away until you turned at a corner in the hallway. He smiled a little as his blushe became more red. Then Liz walked up behind him with Patty behind her "Hey you OK Kid?"

Kid snapped back into reality and the blush on his face disappeared "Yes, I'm fine but I have to go. Bye." he then walked off. Liz and Patty both looked at each other confused.


Two months later....

You thought that the first day was just wired but you were happy that you made new friends just on the first day. Soul, Maka, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, and Kid they were all nice to you and (b/n) so you guys became friends on the first day and when you finally found (b/n) he made a new friend named Blair...there was things you could not unsee that day.

You was walking in the hallway when you saw Kid standing infront of a window looking out side. You walked over to him andlooked over his shoulder to see what he was looking at "Hey Kid, what you looking at..."

He screamed from you surprising him and he then turned around "O-Oh (y/n) scared me." You laughed slightly "I can see that sorry."

You started to walk away but Kid then grabbed your arm. You turned and looked at him, he was blushing a little looking at you into your (l/e/c) and (r/e/c) eyes.

You sighed loudly "Something you want to say about my eyes again today?" Kid was still going on about how your eyes were not symmetrical which you didn't really care about how he didn't like your eyes. He looked away from you still blushing "No it's not that....I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry that I keep saying things about your eyes."

Your eyes widened as you looked at him blushing as you looked at his cute shy face that you never get to see. You can admit for the past two weeks you have been here you now have a tiny crush on him.

"I think your eyes are beautiful and I think your umm...." he was looking away from you still and looks like he's looking for the right words to say to you.

You tilted your head "Yes Kid?" He finally looked up at you as he's face was a deep red now"Ummm....oh forget it!" Kid slammed his lips onto yours pulling you closer to him. You blushed worsen as he kissed you then you smiled into the kiss and started to kiss him back as you wrapped his arms around his neck. He lightly pushed your back onto the wall making the kiss deepen and then out of nowhere someone tall walked up behind Kid.

"Oh hello son." Kids eyes shot open and then broke the kiss turning around to see Lord Death standing there. "U-umm hello father....I-I can explain." Lord Death held out a hand in front of his sons face "No need to but before I go kissing a girl I would ask them out first." That was the last thing he said as he turned and left.

Kid turned back around and looked at you "So (y/n) you maybe want to go out with me this weekend to see a movie?" 

You giggled lightly and nodded "Sure I would love to Kid." you then kissed him on the cheek and turned away from him "I got to go now though I got to go see (b/n) before class." 

He smiled at you "OK I'll see you later then. Bye (y/n)." You smiled at him another time and then left.

'I'm going to have a lot of fun here after all...' you thought to yourself as you turned at the corner of the hallway.
Not my longest one but i kinda like it and i hope you all do too <3 enjoy my lil readers!!!

I finally edit my story again this time I didn't miss anything x3 hope u all enjoy the new version of it!!!
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avatarlover2 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  New member
I just realized that lord death might be makas dad
Lord death has his chop too
gee I wonder where that came from...
BlackAngelLight Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Maka's dad is Lord Deaths death Scythe. 
avatarlover2 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  New member
I know that but what if... maka' mom cheated on spirit with Lord Death?
TheMessenger14 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
This made me rethink my life 
avatarlover2 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
watch anime and only anime
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