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January 29, 2013
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Just in case someone doesnt know what these symbols mean:

(y/n) - Your Name 

(h/l) - Hair Length

(h/c) - Hair Color 

(e/c) - Eye Color 


Hisagi was laughing very loudly in the bar leaning onto Kira's side. (y/n) was watching Hisagi from the other side of the tabel 'And I thought I was the one to get drunk first all the time...' you thought to yourself as you watched Hisagi. Out of nowhere Kira fell down with Hisagi laying down ontop of him.

"Ow ow ow, get off of me Hisagi!!!" Kira was screaming at Hisagi and (y/n) was laughing at him but then got up from her seat helping Hisagi up. "Haha I think you had enough Hisagi lets get you back to you division." you look over at Kira who was still laying on the ground "You ok Kira?"

He looked up at you and smiled "Yes I'm fine....I'm just going to stay here for a little longer you can go ahead and take him to hes division."

"Ok then, i'll see you tomorrow." you picked up Hisagi putting his arm around your neck letting him lean on you for support and then you walked started to walk out of the bar with him.

"Bye (y/n)!" you heard Kira yell from behind you then smirked.

"Bye blondie!" you could hear Hisagi laughing lightly as the two of you walk out of the bar.


20 minutes later.....

You was still walking the streets of the Seireitei with Hisagi 'Damn he's heavier then I though...' you thought to yourself as you looked over at Hisagi who looked like he could fall asleep any minute. You sighed slightly and looked over in the direction of you own division which wasn't to far away.

"Oi Hisagi, I'm just going to let you stay in my room tonight I can't take you all the way to your division." you saw him nod his head slightly.

You walked the way to your division as you try to keep Hisagi awake as the two of you walk. When you finally get to the door of it you slide it open and walk  inside then slide it back closed. "Oi, (y/n)!" you stoped at the sound of your name looking in the direction of where it came from finding Ikkaku smirking at you.

"Hey Ikkaku." you smiled at him.

Ikkaku looked over at Hisagi still smirking as he then looked back over to you "Well (y/n) never thought you would actually go this far!" He started to laugh.

You rolled you eyes at him "He's just going to sleep in my room tonight is all he's drunk and I really don't want to take him all the way over to his division..." you start walking away from Ikkaku going to your room.

You could hear Ikkaku laughing again looking at you "Well ok then, I won't tell anyone about this...Goodnight (y/n)!"

You was now infront of your room slideing the door open walking over to your bed laying Hisagi ontop of it then you walk back over to the door sliding it closed. You looked over at Hisagi who was now asleep you smiled and then walked over to the corner of the room sitting down closeing your eyes slowly falling asleep.


1 hour later....

You woke up slowly from feeling someone careing you. When you open up your eyes you saw Hisagi was the one who was careing you then laying you down onto the bed. He looked at you and smiled "Hey sleepy head." you giggled a little but then you was shocked to see that Hisagi was getting in the bed with you.

"W-what are you doing?" you was starting to back away from him but he then put an arm around your waist.

He smirked at you "Oh nothing...just thought i could sleep with you is all." He held you close to him "Oh and by the way,you do know you talk in your sleep right?"

You blushed a little and looked away "What did i say?"

"Something about food first and then I heard you say you love me." he was still smirking at you seeing you blush.

You was in shock that you actually said that in your sleep you was still looking away from him trying not to look at him at all. He then grabed your chin lightly and made you look at him "Do you mean it?" He was looking into your (e/c) eyes.

You nodded slightly "Yeah so what...I know you wouldn't like me like that anyway you like Rangiku so just forget about it o-" You was then cut off by him pressing his lips onto yours. You was blushing even more but return the kiss as you slowly close your eyes wraping your arms around his neck.

Hisagi pulled away blushing look at you and then he smiled "After I met you I gave up on Rangiku a long time ago..." he pulled you even closer to him "I love you, (y/n)" he whispered into your ear softly.

You smiled a little "I love you too, Hisagi."

Hisagi then kissed you again making it more loving and passionate this time. He was running his fingers throw your (h/l) (h/c) hair he soon then sliped his tongue into your mouth. The two of you keeped kissing passionately for a few more minutes before you both had to pull a way for air.

This was the greatest day of your life....


The next morning....

"Oi (y/n), time to wake up!" Ikkaku yelled on the other side of you door and then slid it open. He was then shocked to see cloths scattered around on the floor.

Ikkaku looked over at the bed to see you and Hisagi under the covers. Hisagi was holding you close to his chest both of you still asleep. Ikkaku slid the door closed and started to walk away "I'll just let you sleep a little longer then." Ikkaku saw Yachiru running down the hallway screaming your name but he then picked her up careing her away.

"Hay put me down I wanna go see (y/n)!" Yachiru yelled at Ikkaku.

"She's busy right now so she will be up soon." Ikkaku keeped walking away with Yachiru in his arms.

"Then maybe i can help her!" Yachiru started to yell at him again.

"Oh trust me I think she's got it..."

I always love to read things like this and thought i would try to make one myself but anyway i hope you like it~

I regreat nothing! :iconpervyhisagiplz:
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RvBfanaticBleachMad Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist
"Oh trust me I think she's got it" XD omfg 
bleeeblooblahh Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
right?! haha i was like "ikkaku you sly dog"
YunalescaSakura Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist
It's good you regret nothing it was perfect
dizzydaz97 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
I wounder if ya gonna do more for this story cause it was AWESOMELY SUPER!!!! :D
shanamj Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
XD I. Laughed at Ikkaku's last quote. Awesome!!
Kidagakaush Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
heehee *regrets nothing* great story
AmiraKurosaki Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Photographer
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LOL I died at the end. That was great! And yeah, I lmao when my sister was sleeping and she was like, "STFU!"
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Omg drunk hisagi would have been better:(
Masked-Assassin Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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