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The Hyuge family was throwing a birthday party for Hinata and everyone from the village you knew was there. You was dancing around with Hinata as your short (f/c) dress was swaying around while you danced with her. Hinata was laughing lightly as people watched the both of you smiling. "You having fun Hinata?" you stopped dancing and looked at her. She giggled lightly and nodded "Yeah I am, I can believe they throw this party for me..." You laughed and smiled at her "Well I would of done the same thing if they didn't throw it for you."

"Awww that's so sweet (y/n)!" Hinata hugged you and jumped around in joy.

You jumped around with Hinata and then saw Naruto walking around with Kiba. You smiled evil "I'm going to go get your birthday present from me now." Hinata tilted her head and looked behind to see Naruto. She blushed badly and looked back at you "W-what do you mean by that (y/n)?"

You laughed and walked over to Naruto and Kiba "Hey guys!" Naruto smiled at you "Hey (y/n)! What's up?" You smiled at him "Nothing much, I was just wanting to see if you could do me a favor Naruto." Naruto tilted his head in confusion looking at you "Oh...well what is it?"

"Well when the next slow song comes on could you maybe ask Hinata to dance with you? It is her birthday and she kinda wants to dance with you." you looked at him smiling innocently.

Naruto smiled at you and nodded "Sure, it will be fun to dance with her!"  Kiba laughed loudly "Hopefully she won't faint when he asks her."

You laughed lightly "I'll make sure she won't." you then waved goodbye to them and walked back over to Hinata who was blushing badly still. "W-what did you just talk to Naruto about?" she asked looking at you. You smiled at her "Oh nothing just to ask you to dance is all." you said as you looked at Hinata who looked like she was about to faint.

You quickly held Hinata up "No fainting when he asks you to dance ok?"  She nodded lightly and then looked over at the entrance of her home and smiled "Well if I have to dance with someone I like you have to dance with someone you like too."

You looked at her confused and then looked at the entrance to see Kankuro standing there in a black suit with no war paint on looking around.

A light blush appeared on your face as you looked at Kankuro "W-what is he doing here?" you asked looking back at Hinata. She giggled lightly "I invited him here, because I know you two haven't seen each other in a while." You blue he worsened as you looked back over at Kankuro "O-oh I see." Kankuro looked over at where you was and smiled at you.

He started to walk over to you but you panicked and hide behind Hinata. She looked behind her confused a little "What's wrong (y/n)? I thought you would be happy to see Kankuro..." You sighed lightly "I am happy to see him I'm just....shy around him."

Hinata laughed and pulled you in front of her to see Kankuro almost to you "That's a first I've never seen you being shy before....this will be interesting." She then ran away from you before you could hide behind her again "Oh yeah, now you leave me alone with a boy..."

Kankuro was now standing in front of you smileing "Hello (y/n) are you?"  You looked away from him trying to hide your face so he won't see you blushing "I-I'm good....and you?"

"I'm great." he tried to look at you but you keeper hiding your face from him. He was about to ask you something but out of nowhere a slow song started to play.

You saw Naruto walking over to Hinata and the he held a hand out to her asking her to dance. To your surprise Hinata didn't faint and said yes.

You then felt someone grab your hand. You turned around to see Kankuro holding onto your hand smiling "Would you like to dance?" You looked away from him again "I-I don't know how to dance."

He laughed lightly and pulled me out to where everyone was dancing "That's ok I can teach you while we dance."

You was about to protest about it but Kankuro pulls you towards him. He places one hand around your waist and clasps your hand with the other. Both of your bodies are pressed up against each other, your faces close. He leaned in close and whispers in your ear "Ok now relax your shoulders and look into your partners face as you dance." You slowly look up at his face and your faces were so close that you could feel each others breath. Your heart started to race as he started to lead you in the dance. Kankuro smiled at you "Your doing great (y/n) just turn." he slowly lifts up your hand  and you do as he says and twirl around and around.

"This is actually really fun!" You said as you start to get carried away and stumble. You was about to fall but Kankuro catches you in his arms. The two of you was forced even closer together looking into each other faces "Are you ok (y/n)?" You nodded blushing and then looked away from him "Yes I'm fine....thank you for catching me."

The music stops finally and another slow song starts to play. Kankuro let go of you but Keller holding your hand smiling as he started to pull you to the entrance. You were puzzeled but walked with him. You were pulled outside and then pressed you up agents the wall.

You looked into his eyes blushing "W-what are you doing Kankuro?" He smiled at you "Oh nothing...I just don't want to share your beauty with the other people."

You giggled lightly "I see....oh yeah, where did you learn how to dance like that?" Kankuro looked away embarrassed "Umm....Temari showed me how to dance before I came here."

You laughed lightly and Kankuro was now blushing "W-whats so funny?!"

You stopped laughing and then moved your face closer to his "Nothing its just cute is all." He smirked at you "Oh really now, it was so cute how you was shy when you saw me." You blushed badly "S-so what?!" He laughed at you and then smiled sweetly at you "I've missed you (y/n) much." he closed his eyes and slowly pressed his soft lips onto yours.

You blushed badly and started to close your eyes also and kiss him back. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you smiled into the kiss. Kankuro slowly pulled away and looked into you (e/c) eyes "I love you, (y/n)." Your eyes widened as you looked back into his eyes "I love you too, Kankuro."

Kankuro hugged you smiling "So I guess this counts as our first date huh?" You giggled "Yeah I guess it does."

"Well that's good, now let's get back to the kissing." he laid his forehead onto yours. You smiled and pulled him into a long deep passionate kiss as you both heard the music in the background making it even more romantic.

Kankuro pulled away from the kiss and smiled holding your hand "Hey let me walk you home." You smiled at him and nodded "Sure I would like that." He kissed you on the cheek lightly and the both of you started to walk to your house.


30 minutes later....

The both of you was now standing outside to the front door of your house. Kankuro smiled and then pulled you into a hug. He then whispers into your ear "I'll be here for 2 weeks maybe we could hang out some more."

You smiled back at him "Sure how about tomorrow?" He nodded slightly "Yeah that sounds great....well then I'll see you tomorrow." he kissed you sweetly and you kissed him back. "Goodnight, (y/n)...."

You giggled lightly "Goodnight, Kankuro." Before he left and grabbed your hand and kissed the top of it to say goodbye and then turned around and walked away.

You turned on your hill and opened the door to your house then walked inside. You then slowly closed the door behind you and smiled as you thought about the next day.
Yay i finally made part 2!!! >:3

Part 1:…
part 3:…
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